AC buying guide: How to choose best air conditioner


Are you in the market for a new air conditioner? Have you been considering a room air conditioner instead of a central air conditioner but aren’t sure what you should be looking for? Purchasing an air conditioner of any type should be researched before hand simply due to the amount of electricity your air conditioner could potentially use. If you purchase the wrong unit you may end up with extremely large monthly electric bills and inefficient cooling.

As a consumer you want a best and efficient unit for your home which not only save electricity but also good for environment.. Energy efficiency is about making the best or most efficient use of energy in order to achieve a given level of comfort and convenience.

What is a room air conditioner

Air conditioner

An air conditioner is a device which is used in the summer season to overcome from heat. Air conditioner is heaven for those people who live in hot and humid regions like tropical areas.

A room air conditioner is an air conditioning system designed to cool a room or rooms instead of the entire house. Do you live in a smaller home, townhouse, condo or even apartment? Would you prefer or do you require a non-permanent air conditioning installation? If you answered yes then a room air conditioner may be a good matched for you. In comparison to central air conditioners, room air conditioners are dramatically less expensive to operate – even though they are often less efficient.

While central air conditioners often need higher voltage connections a room air conditioner can often be plugged into any 15- or 20-amp, 115-volt household circuit. If you have a larger room air conditioner you may need a dedicated 115 volt-circuit. In only the most extreme cases will you ever need a dedicated 230-volt circuit.

Room air conditioners are often vented or window mounted so they can effectively expel hot air out. Be wary of any room air conditioner that does not offer proper ventilation.

Principle of air conditioning

In the process of air conditioning, Air conditioner removes hot air from the closed area and filled it with chilled dry air. It expelled the hot air to the outside atmosphere. Every air conditioner has a compressor inside it. Compressor compress and pump the refrigerant gas. Compression of refrigerant produces heat. To dissipate this heat, compressed refrigerant pumped to the coils where a fan blows the heat to the atmosphere.

The whole process involves 5 parts evaporator, condenser, compressor, expansion valve and refrigerant. There is a refrigerant present in the air conditioning system that absorbs the heat from the room and pump it through a system of piping to the outside coil.

The main problem in the air conditioner is grime, dust and dirt that has to be cleaned while servicing at a regular interval. It will boost the performance and life of air conditioner and also help in saving electricity.

History of air conditioner

The first electrical air conditioner was built and designed by Willis Carier in New York in 1902. In initial days air conditioners and refrigerators used ammonia, methyl chloride and propane as refrigerant. These gases are inflammable, dangerous and toxic. Later these were replaced by CFC,HCFC but after some time these were also depleting the ozone. To protect the environment now Freon is used as a refrigerant in air conditioners. Freon is also used in refrigerator also for cooling.

Types of air conditioners

Broadly there are three types air conditioner available in the market. These are as follows:-

1. Central Air conditioning system

This is a type of air conditioning system which is used especially for a large premises. In this type of system whole equipments placed on a single place and from there cool air transfer by pipes to the various rooms. Usually it is very costly and not suitable for home use especially if you are living in a small house. Apart from this it will also cost a lot in terms of electricity bill.

2. Window air conditioner

Window AC/ Air conditioner

As the name suggests itself that it installs in the window or a window type hole in the wall. It is a boxy type air conditioner. This is a single unit in which both blower and compressor installed on a single frame. It is ideal for the places which has proper ventilation.

Pros of window AC:-

  • These are the very affordable air conditioners available in the market.
  • You can easily serviced it at own.(Here I am talking about only cleaning etc)
  • These are easily movable from one place to another.
  • Provide slightly more cooling comparison to split AC.

Cons of window AC:-

  • Needs a proper window space to install.
  • Quite noisy.

3. Split Air conditioner

Split AC outer unit (compressor)

In this type of air conditioning system there are two units one is compressor unit and second one is blower. Both of these unit connects with two metal pipes. Blower installs in the room and it blows chilled air in the room and make room cool. Compressor unit installs outside the room in an open area because it blows the hot air in the atmosphere.

Pros of Split AC:-

  • It is beneficial for the places where you do not have open air conditioner as window AC needs open space in back side to blow hot air
  • Split air conditioner is very silent because compressor unit installed outside the room.
  • Split AC is very attractive in comparison of window ACs as it looks modern.
  • You do not need window in the room to install it.

Cons of split AC:-

  • Little bit costly than window air conditioner.
  • If you want to shift it from one place to another then it will not be easy.
  • Need to be service by professional only. You can not do it yourself.

Points to keep in mind when buying an air conditioner:-

When you are about to buy an air conditioner then you should keep in mind some points. We tried our best to provide some information about these points as follows:-

Split AC/ Air conditioner

1. Check price from different sources

The very first step before buying an AC is that you should compare price from the different prices. Buying an AC from an online platform will be a good option as you can check price on different sites by sitting at your comfort. Buying online also has other benefits as you don’t need to go outside from your home. You will get your product at your doorstep and your will be install by service provider only on a phone call.

2. Check electricity efficiency

Electricity is the medium by which through we run many appliances and devices that’s why electricity is very precious. We should save electricity. Electricity is getting costly day by day. Initially all the electronic appliances used to consume more electricity than today. Now the technology is getting advance day by day. By which the appliances now consumes less electric energy.

In India Bureau of Energy Efficiency is the organization who issues star ratings to the new appliances. These star rates from 1 to 5 in which 1 star for least efficiency and 5 for maximum efficiency. By these star ratings we can easily identify the efficiency of electric appliances. We would like to recommend you that you should go for the appliances who got 4 or 5 star ratings. In this you can a lot of electricity and can minimize your electricity bill.

Now most of the brands are using inverter technology which consumes less energy in comparison of conventional air conditioners. Air conditioners based on inverter technology do not need stabilizer separately. These have inbuilt capability of controlling electricity fluctuation.

3. Consider the warranty provided

Next step is to compare the warranty provided by the different manufacturers. Usually most brands provide one year comprehensive warranty on their air conditioners but there are also few brands that are providing warranty for more than one year. It is advisable to go for that brand which is providing more warranty because in case of break down you can replace or repair your air conditioner without spending a single penny.

4. Select between window and split AC

The another step before buying an AC is to select a right type of air conditioner as per your need. Broadly there are two types of air conditioners available in the market namely window AC and split AC. I already explained both of them above. You can read that and decide after.

How to decide a right AC according to room size:-

It is a very important and crucial step to select a good air conditioner as per your room size. If you made a mistake in it then it will directly affect your electricity bill and your comfort level.

I am going to tell you a simple method to calculate the capacity of AC required. Simply find the area of the room in which you are going to install air conditioner just by multiplying length of the room to breadth. After that divide that area by 600. Learn by an example:

If you have a 10*10 feet room then area will be 100 sq. feet. Then divide it by 600, 100/600=0.167 tons. According to this a 1 ton or 0.75 ton AC will be suitable for you. Below is a table that will clear all doubts:-

Room sizeAC recommended
Below 100 sq.ft0.75 or 1 ton
100-200 sq.ft1 ton
200-300 sq.ft1.25 or 1.5 ton
300-500 sq.ft1.5 ton
more than 500 sq.ftmore than one AC

AC size recommendation according to room size


We have discussed all the necessary steps that has to be kept in my while buying an air conditioner as per our knowledge. We have tried our best to provide you the correct information, if something missed then plz comment down below. If you are looking for microwavemixer grinders , air purifier , washing machinesrefrigerator etc then you can also check that out.

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