Dishwasher buying guide: how to select best dishwasher

Being a human, there are three basic requirements of us i,e food, shelter, and clothes. As food earlier we used to consume raw food materials like fruits and vegetables in the ancient time. By the time human invented fire and after that we changed our eating pattern gradually. After that human started cooking the raw food with the help of fire and spices etc. Cooked food is not only healthy but also very tasty. In the process of cooking food we use various utensils. Earlier we used to cook food in metal utensils like iron, copper etc but now we use steel utensils or crockeries to cook food. In the early phase human used to clean utensils by hand only but now specially in the urban areas people use a machine to wash dishes. This machine that is used in this process is called ” Dishwasher”.

Although in the rural areas people cleans dishes by hand only like ancient time. To minimize the human effort in the process of cleaning scientists invented dishwasher. It is a machine which runs with the help of electricity.


The dishwasher has become very popular between many households. An average family uses dishwasher between three to seven times in a day.

Points to keep in mind while buying a dishwasher:-

When you decided to buy a dishwasher then you should keep some points in mind before buying a dishwasher as you can’t buy a cheaper model. We researched a lot on it and after the extensive research we have point out some points. These are as follows:-

1. Size of the dishwasher

The very first step before buying a dishwasher is to consider the sizes available in the market. It is important to have a dishwasher with an adequate size based on the needs of your household. Also consider how frequently you will use the dishwasher. You can choose a compact capacity or a standard capacity model. There are also models with adjustable racks for serving pieces with various shapes and fold-down tines.

If you bought a size that could not fulfill your requirement then that product will be useless for you. It will also be a monetary loss for you. So decide very sharply.

2. Compare the price

It is highly recommended that you should compare the prices of different models available. I would like to suggest you that buy a product online after comparing the prices. This is very easy because you can do it by sitting at your home and no need to go to market. You can get install your product by a phone call only. There is also a benefit of purchasing online is suppose you get a defective product then you can replace that by seller itself. It is not same in purchase from offline market. In that case you have to replace that by the manufacturer claiming the warranty. But in case of online purchase your defective product exchanges within the predefined period of time without any question ask.

3. Wash cycles

Next step is to look for the washing cycles provided in the dishwasher. The most common cycles include normal, light, and pans and pots. A rinse and hold setting can also be available to suspend washing until you have a full load. It is preferable to have a model with various wash cycles where you can a cleaning level based on how dirty your dishes are. A light or energy-saving cycle is a most welcomed setting as it will save you money with its low water consumption.

4. Energy consumption

It is a very important and crucial step before deciding for a dishwasher because it will impact directly on your monthly electricity and water bill. Dishwasher is not the only device that you use in your kitchen. There are also other electrical appliances used in the kitchen like refrigerator, microwave, water purifier RO, mixer grinder etc.

In India Bureau of Energy Efficiency is the organization who issues star ratings to the new appliances. These star rates from 1 to 5 in which 1 star for least efficiency and 5 for maximum efficiency. By these star ratings we can easily identify the efficiency of electric appliances. We would like to recommend you that you should go for the appliances who got 4 or 5 star ratings. In this you can a lot of electricity and can minimize your electricity bill.

So before buying a product read all the stickers and labels. If it is possible then always go for a model that has high water and electricity efficiency. By doing you are not only saving money but also helping the nature to save water and energy.

5. Dirt censors

Earlier this was the premium feature that was available only in leading models but now usually every model have it. It is also possible that some models does not offer it so kindly check it before buying. Basically the use of dirt censor is that it regulates the consumption of water according to the dirt on utensils. It is also a important feature.

6. Noise level of dishwasher

Again it is also a very important step that has to be keep in mind. As you know dishwasher is used for cleaning the dishes and operated by electricity. Verify the noise level of the product by reading the label. Although you can get a cheap yet fully functional dishwasher but it can produce loud noises during the washing cycles. So for a model that produces minimal noise.

7. Design available

Because of its increased popularity, manufacturers have made dishwashers available in various colors and designs. Still, white and black are the most common colors. Some prefer models with stainless steel finish, although they can show fingerprints and smudges. Customized front panel can be fitted to certain dishwasher models to blend with the rest of the kitchen cabinets. If you are using a modular kitchen then go for a model that fits in the space provided in the kitchen. If you got a dishwasher that not only fits in the kitchen but also matched with the theme of your kitchen. It will be icing on the cake.

8. Self cleaning filters

There are two option for the cleaning of the filters, one is to pull out the filters, clean it and install back in the dishwasher. Another is that the dishwasher cleans the filters itself as per the requirement. The performance of the dishwasher can be affected if the filters are clogged with dirt. So decide as per your requirement and comfort. Basically the dishwashers with auto clean filters are slightly costly than the manual cleaning one.

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