How to choose best mixer grinder in India

HELLO my dear readers , in today’s world of multiple choices, it is very difficult to choose best product that can fulfill our need. Also that product should justify our hard earned money . So by keeping this point in mind. We are going to tell you how to choose best mixer grinder.

There are many brands who are manufacturing the products in the same category. For a consumer’s point of view it is good that there are several brands in the marketing and there is not monopoly of a single brand. This type of competitive scenario forces brands to tag a reasonable price on their products. In this article we are going to tell you that what points should you keep in mind while choosing a best mixer grinder that can fulfill your daily needs and you will have not to face any trouble while using the mixer grinder.

mixer grinder

Types of mixer grinders

First of all before buying a mixer grinder we should analyze our need. Broadly speaking there are two types of mixer grinders

1. Juicer Mixer Grinders

This type of machine can do three type of tasks by a single machine. In this type of machine you will get all the components that will perform all the three following tasks-:

  • Juicer -: If you want to make fresh juice from the fruits so that you can keep yourself healthy then this is for you. It can make fresh juice very efficiently and very soon by just putting the fruits in the machine and just switch on. Your fresh juice is ready.
  • Mixer -: If you want to make fruit shakes or want to mix two or more things then you have to use mixer. As the name already clarify mixer is used for mixing anything.
  • Grinder -: As the name suggests it is used for grinding any consumable material like spices , pulses, ayurvedic herbs, etc.

2. Mixer Grinder

In this type of machine you will get only those components that can do only mixing and grinding. In this you will not get the facility of making fruit/vegetable juice . Purpose and use of mixer and grinder i already told you in above paragraph. You can see from there.

Points to remember while buying a mixer grinder

A mixer grinder is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. It should be strong , durable ,best performer while using. We are going to tell you some points that should have to be keep in mind while going to purchase a mixer grinder. These points are as follows :-

1. Capacity of motor of mixer grinder

Mixer grinders are available with various capacity of motors fitted in them. So before buying we should investigate about the capacity of motor because motor is the main part in the machine. Usually capacity of motor measure in “watts”. It means higher the watts means higher capability of motor.

Usually motors available with higher watt capacity consume more electricity so we should be careful about it . We should choose our machine very wisely. If your usage is light then you should go for a mixer grinder with low to moderate watt capacity and vice versa. Mixer grinders are available in different watt capacities as 550watts, 750 watts , 900 watts, 1000 watts, 1400 watts etc. So choose very wisely.

2. No of jars

Usually all the manufacturers of mixer grinders provide minimum 3 jars. But there are also some mixer grinders are available with more than 3 jars. so decide with your need. Usually mixer grinders are available with 3, 4, 5 jars configuration.

3. Safety features of mixer grinder

While purchasing a mixer grinder machine you should keep in mind about safety features provided by the manufacturer . Most of the reputed brands provide many safety features in their product like they provide shockproof plastic body, protection from overloading and heating of motor . Usually when motor got overloaded or heated then it stops working immediately until it gets cool. This is a good features as it provide protection against exploding. If this feature is not provided in the product then there are chances of explosion of motor due to overheating.

4. Functions offered in mixer grinder

There are many products who provide all in one features like juicer, mixer, grinder. Apart from this some products are available with separate features . So buy according to your need.