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Washing machine is a instrument that is used for washing clothes .Basically there are three essential needs of human being to live a honorable life which are ” Bread, Clothes, and House. Without these we cannot live. These are the necessities. Out of these 3 necessities one is clothes. In this article we will talk about the clothes.

When we heard about the word cloth, our mind creates a visual of different types of fabrics with the different colors available. Clothes protects us from various factors such as climate, pollution, sun, dust etc . Clothes not only protects us but also make us beautiful. There are various types of clothes available with different fabrics and colors available in the market. These clothes are available in lower to highest price range. If we will use a single cloth in one time then it will be costly as well as it is not good for our environment. It is due that the clothes got dirty after one or two days only. The reasons of this is the climate and our body. Our body sweats a lot in humid temperature and smells bad that’s why we need to change clothes at regular interval.

In the past, To overcome from this problem human started to wash clothes with the help of water and detergent. But they used to wash clothes by hand only and it was very painful. To solve this problem Jacob Christian Schäffer of Germany invented first washing machine in 1767. Basically it was a hand operated washing machine. In this he used to rotate a cylindrical type drum by a handle installed in that.

History of washing machine

After that various other scientist invented and made more efficient washing machine. W tried to figure out some as follows:-

  • First patent for a washing machine was issued in 1691
  • In 1782, Henry Sidgier issued a British patent for a rotating drum washer.
  • One of the first innovation in washing machine technology was the use of enclosed containers that had grooves, fingers, or paddles to help with the scrubbing and rubbing of clothes. this technology was hand operated.
  • The first US patent granted to Nathaniel Briggs of New Hampshire in 1797 titled as “Clothes Washing”.
  • Electric washing machines invented in 1904
  • Bendix Home Appliances introduced the very first domestic automatic washing machine in 1937 although this machine was a little similar to automatic machines available today. Due to the components required this machine was very expensive. The timer of this machine was also fairly costly because miniature electric motors were expensive to produce.
  • In initially automatic washing machine we had to give two separate water supply connection i,e cold and hot to the machine but now there is only one cold water supply and machine rises water temperature as per the need.

Initially washing machines are hand operated but now due to the development of latest technology washing machines are electricity operated like other home appliances i,e mixer grinder, water purifier, and air purifiers etc.

Laundering by hand

According to a survey more than 70% population is washing clothes by hand or by traditional methods. Laundering by hand involves soaking , beating, scrubbing and rinsing dirty clothes. Housewives also have to carry all the water used for washing, boiling, rinsing the laundry. Water for the laundry would be hand carried, heated on a fire for washing, then poured into the tub. That made the warm soapy water precious ; it would be reused, first to wash the least soiled clothing, then to wash progressively dirtier laundry.

Types of washing machine

Broadly there are two types of washing machines available in the market. We are trying to define these types as below:-

Note:- We are defining only washing machines available for domestic use only.

1. Only washer

In this types of machines manufacturer provide only a single compartment in the machine. In which we can only wash our clothes. After washing the clothes we have to rinse the clothes separately and then hang them for dry in the sunlight. Basically these machines are entry level washing machines available in the market. These are comparatively cheaper than other washing machines. Lower segment of the society prefer these types of machines.

2. Wash+Dry

These types of machines offer two features i,e washing as well as drying the clothes. In these types of machines are very useful as they minimize the human effort for washing clothes. These types of washing machines are slightly costlier than the mentioned above.

We can further divide these in two categories:-

A. Semi Automatic washing machine

These types of washing offers a very good kind of features. In a semi automatic washing machine you have to do part of the job, for example as moving wet clothes after washing from one drum to another drum for rinsing and drying, all these you have to do manually. It is not like a fully automatic washing machine.

A semi automatic machine is much affordable than a fully automatic washing machine. It also utilizes a much lesser amount of water and does not require continuous flow of water for washing textiles and takes less time to wash clothes. Thus if you are living a budget friendly life and live in a area facing unpredicted water supply then you should go for a semi automatic washing machine. Today top brands offer very good kind of semi automatic washing machines at a very good and affordable price.

B. Fully automatic washing machine

As the name suggest that it is machine with built in fully automatic cloth washing program. If i talk broadly , in fully automatic washing machines we don’t need to do so much much effort. We just need to put the dirty clothes in the machine and add detergent or additive and rest of the work will be done by washing machine itself.

Usually these type of machines offers a wide range of features like it offers multiple modes for washing different types of clothes. Some of the modes out of them are eco mode, wool mode for woolen clothes, quick wash for instant washing i.e it consumes less time.

Fully automatic washing machines are available in two variants. One is top load and the another one is front load. In some houses there does not a open space so in that situation you can for front load washing machines. Another benefits of front load washing machine is that you can put some stuffs on the upper side of the machine, so that you can utilize space if you lacks space in your home.

Front load are very good not only look wise but also features wise as it offers a wide range of features. Apart from features these are heavy duty machines which is considered to be durable.

Features of fully automatic washing machines

Fully automatic washing machines comes with a lots of modern features. I tried to cover some out of them as following:-

  • Comes with various washing modes for different types of clothes.
  • Can make water warm or hot as per the need. (Not available in all)
  • You can add detergent and additives at the same time. No need to hustle.
  • Available with various capacities
  • Looks very attractive and modern.
  • Consumes very less water for washing that’s why saves precious water.
  • Most of the manufacturers offers long warranty i,e more than one year.
  • Saves electricity.


If you ask for my point of view then I would like to suggest you that go for front load fully automatic washing machine of a reputed brand. Because they offer all the features that i explained above. Also these are very durable as made up of heavy duty material.

Points to keep in mind before buying a washing machine :-

1. Your need

First of all you should analyze your need like how many members are there in your family. If you are alone or two persons then you can go for a machine with lower load capacity and vice versa.

2. Warranty provided by brand

Second step is to check washing machines of separate brands offering same features and also look for warranty provided by the brand. Although most of the brands provides warranty for more than one year. They also provide a option of extended warranty in which you can extend the warranty of your product by paying some extra money at the time of purchase.

3. Washing modes availability

It is a very important point that has to be keep in mind before buying a washing machine. There are various modes available in the machine for different kinds of clothes like eco mode for cotton clothes, wool mode for woolen clothes, quick mode for instant washing, Cradle wash, synthetic wash mode for synthetic or nylon clothes etc. These are important because a single mode can not be good for all types of clothes. Due to separate modes for separate clothes, it increases the life, quality and brightness of the clothes.

  • Cradle wash :- Cradle wash is exquisitely crafted for washing the delicate clothes like satins, laces, silk etc, preventing the washer and the detergent to get too harsh on them. Cradle wash thus ensures the gentle care such delicate garments deserve.

4. Hot water feature is available or not

All the manufacturers do not provide hot and warm features in the machines. This is very important as due to this you doesn’t need to add hot water separately. All you need to do is put the clothes and select the desired mode and relax. Rest of the work will washing machine do itself.

5. Option for additive

All the washing machines is not available with a feature of adding additive at the time of starting washing process. It is very useful because in some particular clothes we have to add additives like blue liquid or cloth softening liquids etc. If it is not available then we have add manually so it became a hectic process.

We have tried to cover every step that can help you to choose a good washing machine but we are sorry if there is any mistake and we would like to hear from you.

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