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Water purifier is a device which is used to filter all the unwanted materials from the water. In today’s era of industrialization, maximum underground has been disinfected or got polluted . It is due to the more uses of chemicals in various manufacturing plants.

It can be very dangerous to drink underground water directly that’s why water purifiers became the necessity of life. If we drink this polluted water directly without purification then it is very dangerous for our health and it can affect internal organs of human body.

So it is highly recommended not to drink polluted water . You should drink only purified water. To keep in mind this necessity we are going to tell you that how to choose best water purifier RO.

Water purifier RO purifies water

Importance of RO water purifier

Basically in our common language we used to pronounce water purifiers as RO but it does not means same . RO means reverse osmosis which is one out of several method of water purification. Reverse osmosis is a process of water purification in which semi permeable membrane to separate ions , unwanted molecules and even larger chemical particles.

In reverse osmosis, we use applied pressure to overcome osmotic pressure. Reverse osmosis can remove dissolved and suspended particles from the water. It removes chemical particles as well as biological bacteria and make water safe for drinking.

Components used in water purifier

There are several components used in a water purifier. Some out of them are explaining below:-

Water pump or motor

Usage of water pump or motor is to pump water through various filters and membrane. It creates a specific amount of pressure for the flow of raw water. These pumps are usually made up of metal body and copper bindings.

We measure capacity of motor pump in GPD which means gallons per day . But pressure of water is also a factor that affect efficiency of water pump.

RO membrane

RO membrane is a semi permeable membrane and we can say that it is the main component of the water purifier. It is the main part of the RO system. It removes around 96% impurities like dissolved solids, salts, mineral metals, micro organisms, organic substances from the water.

Membrane divides the flow of water into two directions after purification . Pure water goes to the storage tank and rejected water goes to the drain.

Carbon filter for chloramine removal

As the name says itself carbon filter is made up of carbon element. It removes impurities from water by using chloramine. Usually RO systems equipped with 0.5 micron carbon filter specially rated for chloramine reduction.

However metals such as iron or aluminum in water can act as catalyst and accelerate the oxidation of membrane even at low concentration of chloramines . Activated carbon is effective against chloramine.

Carbon filter for chlorine removal

Drinking water is disinfected in most of the parts of the country or even world. So it is very harmful to drink infected water as it can cause serious illness or death. The carbon filter removes chlorine from the water protects the membrane as membrane is the costly component of RO system.

Sediment pre filter

The sediment filter removes sand, mineral particles, iron oxide, and other particles that can cause blockage to the RO membrane. Most RO system uses the sediment filters rated to remove particulate matter down to 5 micron.

Manufacturer recommends to replace sediment filter at every 6 months. Tiny sediment filters needs to be changed at every 3 months. Otherwise it can lead harm to the membrane and we have to compromise with water quality.

Auto shut-off valve

As we all know water is very precious and it is available in a limited quantity on earth. So we have to conserve it and today it becomes the necessity. If we will not conserve it then our upcoming generations will have to face difficulties. So “Save water Save life”.

Auto shut off valve is used to shut the water supply when the tank is full. It disconnect the water supply when the tank is full and resume it when the tank water level started to decrease. It saves not only water but also electricity as pump also stops working when the tank is full.

Post carbon inline filter

A granular activated carbon polishing filter removes any remaining taste and odor from the water . Since water flows very slowly through this filter , the contact is higher and this leads to higher absorption effectiveness.

Types of water purifier RO

There are many types of RO water purifiers available in the market. Some of them are as below:-

  • Activated carbon filter based water purifiers
  • Sediment cartridge filter based water purifiers
  • Gravity based water purifiers
  • Absorbent media based water purifiers
  • UV or ultraviolet water purifiers
  • Membrane water filtration based purifiers
  • Ultrafiltration membrane water purifiers
  • Nano filtration membrane water purifiers
  • RO+UV+UF combination water purifiers

Apart from the above taught water purifiers some purifiers are available in the market that only filter water without electricity. These are available with only one filter . These can only separate insoluble particles from the water not soluble substances and micro organisms. So it is better to go for a complete package.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing water purifiers RO

1. Your need

First of all you should analysis your need of water purifiers like which type will suit you. What is the TDS level in your locality. If the water is least polluted then you can go for a filter based water purifier. You do not need a water purifier with high end features. It will cost you very less and you do not need to spend a lot.

2. Capacity of tank of water purifier

Water purifiers RO are available with a wide range of tank capacities. If you have a small family then you should go for the water purifiers with low water tank storage i,e you can go for a 6 liters water capacity. But if you need a water purifier for large family then you should go for large water purifiers.

Usually water purifiers RO are available with a range of 5 to 15 liters of storage tank capacities. So go for as per your need.

3. Your budget for water purifier

Budget or money is also a important feature while decide to buy to anything. If you are living in a area with water supply of high TDS level then you should do a research before buying a RO. Because you have to maintain water purifier at regular interval and it costs a fair amount. So go according to your budget.

4. Check the features provided in water purifier

Generally different water purifiers provide different features. Some features out of them are as follow:-

  • Some water purifiers purify water though RO+UV filteration method. but these purifiers does not left minerals of the water.
  • Few water purifiers offer a complete package like they do not purify minerals from the water and you get a good kind of drinking water. I recommend you that you should go for these types of water purifiers that provide essential minerals of the water.
  • Now a days some purifiers offer a filter changing alarm light that glows when it’s time to change internal filters of the purifiers.
  • There are also water purifiers that come with a tank full indicator.
  • Recently few manufacturer designed water purifiers that stores rejected water also . You can use this water for other stuffs like in washing dishes, cleaning kitchen, washing clothes etc. In this you can contribute to save water.

Suggestions from me while buying water purifier

After all the details i would like to give you some suggestions so that you can decide to buy a best water purifier RO

I would like to suggest you that you should go for a complete package like a water purifier which offer you the purified water with a good taste, with all essential minerals , with filter changing alarm etc.

Some water purifiers provides dual tank options in which one stores purified water and another stores rejected water. You can use that rejected water in other house chores like cleaning dishes and cleaning kitchen etc . In this way you can save a lot of water.

I have tried my best to provide all the details but if you want any other details or suggestion then comment down below. I will get back to you.

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